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        Zhejiang Haoxing (hangrui) Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


        About Us

          Zhejiang haoxing(hangrui) Chain Co., Ltd. is a chain professional manufacturer with a history of more than ten years. It is one of the manufacturers of special chains. Our factory has strong production technology, complete process testing equipment, exquisite design and innovation ability, reliable product quality, star post-sale service, best-selling products at home and abroad, and enjoys a good reputation in the market.Our factory produces more than 300 kinds of chain specifications. Our products are suitable for electrical appliances, food processing, coating engineering, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, shoemaking, cigarette machine, light industry, post and telecommunications, medicine, steel, smelting, mining, building material chemical and other mechanical transmission and input devices. Some of our products are exported to Japan, Canada, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. In order to adapt to different industries and occasions, the materials used in the manufacturing chain of our factory are not only the ordinary high-quality carbon steel, but also the high-quality alloy steel, heat-resistant or acid resistant stainless steel and engineering plastics, as well as relevant supporting products to meet the needs of users.